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Airplane Noise Update – Noise Monitoring Terminal in Glenashton Park

In response to complaints about excessive airplane noise in GTA neighborhoods, Pearson airport has installed noise monitoring terminals in various communities, including Oakville. Oakville’s noise monitoring terminal is now live at Glenashton Park. To track the live feed, check out the WebTrack website at www.torontopearson.com/webtrak.

WebTrak is an online tool that provides near-real time and historical flight data so community
members can investigate aircraft operations from any computer with internet access. WebTrak
makes it easy for residents to see what’s overhead and convenient to submit a noise complaint. It’s also available 24/7. With WebTrak, aircraft operations are transparent; members of the community see the same data that the airport does.

Noise management is a complex issue that must take many variables into consideration, issues
ranging from safety, meeting the travellers’ demand for more options, to increasing operational
efficiency while operating in an intensely – and growing – urban environment. Pearson’s Noise Management Program works to strike a balance between operating a growing airport
and regional economic engine with the impact on surrounding neighbourhoods.

Nearly one year ago, NAV CANADA appointed Helios, a UK base aviation consultancy, to undertake an independent review of Toronto airspace. The objective of the review is to identify if any further realistic actions can be taken to mitigate the impact of aviation noise on GTA communities. The review commenced in summer 2016 and is now drawing to an end. Helios will make its final presentation on Monday September 18th 2017. The final presentation is an open public event at which Helios will give an overview of the recommendations they are making to NAV CANADA. Please note this is the final presentation of recommendations from the review, it is not a consultation.

Full details of the venue and timings for the event are available on Event Brite and the link below will take you to the event page. The event is open to everyone and free. Attendees are asked to register in advance.


Further details can be found at www.TorontoAirspaceReview.ca

With more than 35 million passengers each year, Toronto Pearson has an impact
on the communities that surround it. On a daily basis NAV CANADA is focused on effectively managing
that impact while meeting the demands of a growing air travel industry in our region. Introducing WebTrak is one of the steps our airport is taking towards continuing to engage the community. To make a complaint against an aircraft operating to or from Toronto Pearson, you can click on the aircraft to open the Information Panel. In the bottom left corner of the Information Panel,
there is an icon for “Reporting an Aircraft” – clicking this will take community members to a
noise complaint form to register a complaint.